Angel M. Ramírez




Mi tía se llama Cacha

The absurdity of our daily lives, deep roots of  Cuban identity, is spread throughout the ensemble, it sets the pace and invites us to and absurd dialogue, but so necessary in these times, a call to our understanding, tolerance, to share what we have in common, it identifies us and allow us to transcend.

The strong singularity  of each of the characters portrayed by Angel Ramírez, where we are enchanted and surprised by his masterful use of collage, reminds us that the human being is unique, unrepeatable and owner of the road ahead. He speaks to us of the dimension of the individual, while not forgetting that every personal story is a notable part of the sociocultural framework of the nation,  of all mankind. Thus the proposal facilitates the exchanges, becomes a defense of a personal identity versus egalitarianism and commitment to a just and necessary balance.

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