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Ángel Ramírez. Critical Exercise

The book Angel Ramirez. Critical Exercise, produced by La Sexta Puerta Studio and Artecubano publishing label, includes texts by Reynaldo González, National Literature Prize; Hortensia Montero, specialist from Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes and Andrés D. Abreu, curator and art critic. The book is bilingual in English and Spanish contains works made in the last 10 years by this unique Cuban artist.

To purchase a copy, please contact: Diana Sánchez Prieto

3 thoughts on “Ángel Ramírez. Critical Exercise”

  1. agneta rylander
     ·  Reply

    What is the price for the book?

    • Diana
       ·  Reply

      Hi, I´m very sorry. I didn´t see your price request. The price of the book is $25 usd.
      Please contact me using

  2. Ari
     ·  Reply

    I love them, i couldnt have asked for a betetr photographer. Thank you so much! I cant wait for more. You and will are awesome people, and we only hope that we can keep in touch even after all the work is done. Hope you had as much fun as we did, XOXO kat and mikey

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